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How to Care for Your Fine Jewelry This Summer

How to Care for Your Fine Jewelry This Summer
Summer is a time for fun, sun, and relaxation, but it can also be tough on your fine jewelry. To ensure your cherished pieces stay as beautiful as the day you got them, it’s important to take a few extra steps to protect them from the elements. Here are some essential tips on how to care for your fine jewelry this summer:

1. Protect Your Jewelry from the Sun
The intense summer sun can fade the color of gemstones and cause metals to tarnish faster. When spending extended periods outside, consider leaving your most delicate pieces at home. If you do wear jewelry outdoors, keep it covered with clothing or a hat whenever possible.

2. Avoid Chlorine and Salt Water
Chlorine and salt water can be particularly damaging to jewelry. Chlorine can weaken gold alloys and cause discoloration, while salt water can leave a corrosive residue on metals and dull the sparkle of gemstones. Always remove your jewelry before swimming in pools or the ocean.

3. Beware of Sunscreen and Lotions
While protecting your skin is crucial, many sunscreens and lotions can leave a residue on your jewelry, making it look dull and dirty. Apply these products before putting on your jewelry and allow them to fully absorb into your skin before accessorizing.

4. Regular Cleaning
Summer activities often mean more sweat, dirt, and oils coming into contact with your jewelry. Clean your pieces regularly with a gentle jewelry cleaner or a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Use a soft brush to remove any buildup, and pat dry with a soft cloth.

5. Store Safely
When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place. A fabric-lined jewelry box or a pouch can help protect it from scratches and tarnish. If you’re traveling, use a jewelry case with separate compartments to keep pieces from rubbing against each other.

6. Check for Damage
Summer can be tough on jewelry, so inspect your pieces regularly for any signs of damage, such as loose stones or clasps. If you notice any issues, take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for repair before wearing it again.

7. Insure Your Valuable Pieces
If you have valuable jewelry, consider getting it appraised and insured. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that if something happens to your jewelry, you’ll be covered.

Enjoy Your Summer Sparkle!
With a little extra care, your fine jewelry can continue to shine brightly all summer long. Follow these tips to keep your pieces looking their best, and enjoy accessorizing with confidence all season.

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